Mar. 8th, 2015

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In more cheery news away from health and work worries:

I've just ordered these gauntlets for cut and thrust combat.

[ profile] nusbacher has a pair, and very handsome they are too.

Finding gauntlets that fit and genuinely protect my hands for C&T has held up my participation somewhat.

Robert very carefully reworked an existing pair of clamshells I had from when I fought in armour, that never fit correctly, so that I could hold a single crosshilt sword or dagger.

When I'd used them for bastard sword I'd gotten a blow on the thumb that cracked it, putting me off for a year. They really didn't fit.

But the mods were a bodge at best: once in my hand I couldn't change weapons or even change my hold on the hilt. They shifted and slid about, and I was always at risk of a blow getting through.

So when I saw these, I thought, millenium hand and shrimp, those are what I want.

I hope and have asked that they be delivered in time for Double Wars: inshallah.

While I am reluctant to book myself solid for Double Wars, I do want to run the scribes social hour again: a round table where you can share 'tips and tricks' or just ask a question.

Nordmark is overrun with scribal talent; if I can squeeze it into a room for an hour, it will yield great pearls of wisdom in a friendly setting.


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