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Robert took on a greater share of fire-care and cooking this year, which meant less fighting and time on the field. He's still nursing his post-surgery hand, so is being very careful with how much it does.

He chose to herald the torchlight tourney, and this year Master Gottfried entered as a guest, which was splendid - he always looks awesome, and he's a pleasure to watch with a great weapon.

Robert did get to play long weapons with Gottfried and did play in the Oxford Roll, a tourney of his own making, where he records the winners' arms on, well, a roll of arms (early pic, this has grown at least 2x as long since then).

This year it was won by Pont Alarch, which was a first, and excellent for them, well deserved.

Robert also continued in his annual campaign of painting other peoples' shields, when they haven't Gotten A Round Tuit. Blank shields offend his wa, so he 'fixes' them with  a quick dose of simple heraldry.

This year it was Hakeem (argent, a chevron and a canton sable) and Harada, known to some as Clancy Jr (gules, a Japanese temple gate argent - Harada is interested in a Japanese persona) who gave in to having their shields civilly taken from them, returrned less than an hour later painted with some simple arms. Apparently a stylised temple gate looks something like Albrecht Durer's A in his signature.

Since he only brought red, black and white paint to Raglan this year, they are simple, but man they make a difference to the look of the fighting. One year he painted a long teardrop shield chevronny argent and gules, for someone in Pont Alarch, and it looked like something out of the Bayeux Tapestry, and you could see it everywhere in photos afterward.

Just as cool, though, was carving and casting a new pin on site with Joel, [livejournal.com profile] aryanhwy's husband. Since J's introduction to pewter work a few months ago he's run with it, found new sources of materials and references - he came armed with a type of carve-able stone easily available in German craft shops that Robert had not tried, and that's what they used to make a new brooch. It's awesome to see them working together, and clearly J is just as keen on the process, the skills and the technical intricacies as Robert.

This pin is in the shape of an hourglass, because one of their highnesses' challenges this reign is to 'make something on site'. You can do preparation and bring materials with you, but do the work at the event - and the pin is the token of their highnesses' approval of the best item made on site at that event.

Charmingly...the token was made on-site, in Robert's small pewter crucible over a gas burner.

On other pewter fronts:

Something Robert has posted since 20 year is a clip of his pouring the 20 year token - the slush-casting process to make a hollow piece on YouTube.

Aside from having the right mould, the art is in the timing to pour the mould allow the outside to set, and then pour off the excess before it sets solid.

Also: use pure tin. Robert's notes about the process are on his wiki.

For the filming, this was my first try at using the video option on our ageing camera and I'm reasonably pleased at the outcome. Next time, I'll turn off the stupid washing machine before recording.
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...with about a dozen attendees, and 10 people to feast.

I think the bunting sort of undermined the embroidery theme for the revel crafts - two people ended up trying embroidery, and the rest of the attendees seemed to be working on their heraldic bunting.

While I'm always happy to see more heraldry at revels, I  hope the embroiderers don't feel hard done by!

If I've counted correctly, we should have a new 'string' soon:
- Oriane (the first person to add sequins! will look splendid)
- Contanza
- Elias
- Edith
- Arnaut
- possibly a former member's arms, TBA

After a social Saturday, my inner hermit took over my Sunday schedule, and I stayed in, painting more Thamesreach escutcheons for future splendidness (using up the last of the blue fabric paint left to us by Brygyt Strangeways) and watching movies on TV.

The bunting project tends to run in cycles, where I (or other people) do lots, adding several sets of arms, then it rests as we admire the outcome, then we work on it again.

In fact, Robert and I found we'd run clean out of the preferred tape for hanging new bunting - I hadn't realised just how much we'd used recently. So he's in search of a new roll of twill tape this week.

I'm thinking of writing it up as a long-term heraldic display project for the Baelfyr. I don't know of any other similar projects, and I think it adds a lot to our shire's presence. Any opinions?
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Found this today, while browsing for something else.

It sums up very neatly what I've tried to convey about heraldry, but not nearly as tidily.


Mar. 25th, 2013 08:11 pm
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...started with a feline home invasion. I woke around 3am to find two cats in the bedroom, where we usually only keep one.

I don't know who was most alarmed, me, Haggis or the stranger, who proved to be a huuuuge black tom with a white moustache and goatee, very handsome.

He'd inhaled Haggis' dinner, not a crumb left in the dish, then set out to explore the rest of the flat, finding us on the top floor.

He was chased back downstairs, and looked suitably chastened at being caught (vs the ginger tom who was evicted at arm's length hissing spitting and clawing), and Haggis spent much of Saturday peering into corners and under furniture, checking for further invaders.

At 9am [livejournal.com profile] larmer and his family rang, to ask for shelter, as the airlines had scrambled their reservations, which we were happy to offer, so we had a further cheery, impromptu visit before the Larmers headed off to the museums again.

We in turn headed to the revel, to extend the reach of the heraldic bunting of the shire with new additions, as others pursued the arts of tabletweaving. I think we can expect another 4? 5? personal arms to the next length of bunting. Hurrah!

The potluck feast once more was an embarrassment of riches - Ruth's aigredouce was excellent, as was her pease pottage, [livejournal.com profile] emoni made an apple and pear pie, [livejournal.com profile] exmoor_cat whipped up angels hair (marscapone cheese sweetened, served on biscuits, yum), and [livejournal.com profile] zmiya_san a chicken dressed with orange and poudre douce.  Nom nom nom. What a splendid foodie bunch we are.

Sunday was lazier; the Larmers had left in the wee hours for their connection, so we could lay about the morning, as is our wont, followed by a great deal of axe-sharpening (previously mentioned).

While it was all pleasant...it wasn't as restful as hoped-for. With work as stupid as it is at present, I'm desperate to recuperate on the weekends.
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Thamesreach is a shire rich in heralds - and now, it's even rich in titled heralds.

With this month's LoAR, three titles were registered, for myself, my lord Robert, and [livejournal.com profile] nusbacher:
  • Rouge Maunche
  • Caversham 
  • Sans Merci Herault

respectively. These titles were bestowed on us all by Vitus and Eleanora, our current king and queen's predecessors.

I think we nicely illustrate the popular historic heraldic title options: charge, locative (Caversham is a village adjascent to Reading, where we lived for about 18 months) and motto. :-)

On top of that [livejournal.com profile] exmoor_cat's arms have passed, as have [livejournal.com profile] armillary's, and the name of the new shire in Bulgaria is now registered as College of St John of Rila, which I think is delightful.

I look forward to seeing these registered arms added to the shire bunting!

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Been lying low, mostly concentrating on getting to and from work, getting as much work as I can focus on done, and finishing projects in time for Double Wars. Head still not fully back into work mode, just trying to get stuff directly in front of me done, so as to be moderately useful. Higher planning faculties are still on hiatus...Read more... )
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 Robert and I had a very fine visit with Master Francois [livejournal.com profile] s10clee  last night, in a small Egyptian restaurant close to Baker Street Station. Great food, very tolerable prices, good representation of Arab-speaking patrons...regrettable name of Ali Baba.

The big-screen TV, which is usually tuned to Arab football, was firmly set to AlJezeera news, and when Mubarak finally started his speech, the whole place went silent to listen. But when the faces changed from hopeful to cynical, I realised he wasn't giving way.

And now, today, just now, he's resigned - at least, the VP says so. Perhaps he had less choice in the matter than he expected? I guess the military called his bluff.

Sadly our favourite after-dinner pub nearby has changed hands, though they still carry drinkable beer - much more wine oriented now.

After dinner, we did a circuit of the immediate neighbourhood, to find the closest geocaches - Francois is a geocache mavin ('getting geeks outdoors since 2000'), and we managed 2/3 hits in about 45 minutes. It's a nerdy-fun game, that I suspect engages bored business travellers with the fun they remember from orienteering in Boy Scouts, only now with cooler gadgets. 

We talked work, travel, arts, and heraldry in turn.

This evening we're meeting up at the V&A for beer and museum (and possibly geocaches).
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...through the English college of arms. Scroll down to the illustrated grant. :-)
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Another lovely revel passed.

We fell short on the fencing front, but everyone attending seemed very happily engaged in stitching, discussing heraldry, looking through books, and trying their hands at calligraphy.

Our shire bunting is in need of an update - we haven't added any armory to it since Alaric and Nerissa arrived, so I thought it was time to add more. I cut out several Thamesreach escutcheons (shield shapes with blue Thamesreach fesses), and handed them out to Nesta, Arnaut, and Katherine - and Edith finished one on the day, and was well on her way to finishing her arms escutcheon as well.

Sir Vitus spent some time cutting out a most beautiful plum shot silk for a fighting surcoat(! seems wasted on fighting kit!) while opining on the state of the College of Heralds, and Lady Katherine finished a beautiful Elizabethan coat of red silk with black linen lining, which she modelled that evening with a new gown. Time well spent!

For Thamesreach folk: I have a few more 'sets' of shields cut out for those who want to add their arms to the shire bunting but you don't have to wait on me or anyone else - feel free to assemble your own from your own leftover linen and scrap fabric.

Current cut-out sizes are about 8x10" or 7x9"-ish, before assembly.

I don't think we'll have a new bunting string ready for Winchester, but we could have to ready for next revel, or for Thamesreach on Tour in Ware in July.

As ever, we ate extremely well. Special mention goes to Lord Thodoric who brought his own baked trencher, prepared from salt pastry.

We even managed three dances together, which was very satisfying, but very warming on a warm evening.

I think we totalled 18 people (includes 3 children), plus one baby in a bucket, with four people attending their very first revel.

We're blessed with a convivial and crafty shire, and I take great delight in attending each one.

...Of course, having just looked through [livejournal.com profile] liadethornegge 's Double Wars pictures, I feel like Nordmark's A&S puts ours in the shade. Sigh. Wish I could have been there.
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Question for the current online-savvy heralds, since I'm now fairly out of the loop on current sites:
What are the best online armorials available, for viewing nice examples of period arms?

These can be either modern reproductions of period accounts (someone named Brian Simms used to have a nice site illustrating battle rolls) or period rolls that are now scanned and online.

I'm trying to update my web herald fu so I can keep up with the new-herald Jones' around here!

Suggestions welcome, any nationality...
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I lives in a splendidly cool shire!

Our local revel this weekend brought out a total of 12 folks to spend the afternoon. We sat over a pot of tea, chatting about heraldry and Good Heraldry Design According to Genevieve, then switched gears to drag out pieces of scrap fabric and prompt some ideas about how to use it. 

Peregrine  (can't find his blog, sorry) and Emayn, our two new arrivals from the Crescent Isles, were pressed into service to suggest how to make a 14th c. hood, and advised [livejournal.com profile] thorngrove about how to cut her fabric to get a short cloak out of it. I came away with a  small piece of beeeeoooooooooooouuuutiful brocade from [livejournal.com profile] thorngrove , to make a small pouch from.  Glorious!

When I looked around, everyone seemed happily engaged -sewing, embroidering, measuring and sketching, browsing heraldry books and making plans.

With the changing seasons, we now need our candles in the evening! All of them! Have to remember candlesticks and more candles in future.

We had a splendid small meal, and then cracked open the copies of Henry V to do some reading.

My sweetie was (unsurprisingly) asked to lead, variously as Chorus, Canterbury, or Captain Ffluellen (with a passable comic Welsh accent) and also Harry himself. [livejournal.com profile] nz_bookwyrm , [livejournal.com profile] zmiya_san , [livejournal.com profile] exmoor_cat , [livejournal.com profile] thorngrove , [livejournal.com profile] nusbacher  and Julia WINOLJ all took parts, and we read...

the prologue, the intro by the priests, the bit about the tennis balls, the tussle between Nym and Pistol, the argument between Ffluellen and the other soldiers about the disciplines of war, the English lesson between Katharine and her maid, the siege of Harfleur, the Englishmen the night before the battle, 'Today is called St. Crispin's', and a comic ransom scene between a Frenchman and Pistol (I think) - it's a fun scene left out of Branaugh's Henry V, and Robert thinks it's a great loss.

Reading this list over, we actually hit quite a bit of it!

Before I knew it, it was 9.30 and time to pack up.

This was one of the most pleasant recent revels I can remember: good company, getting fun things done, breaking bread, and drinking wine.

The shire seems to be settling in around a dozen people - as in, we had 12(!) people turn out to go shopping last week, we had 12 people turn out to the past couple of shire meetings, we had 12 people show up to the revel.

It's not always the same 12 people (though there are some regulars), but it's becoming a sort of norm.

I have to adjust my head: I brag about us now being the biggest shire in ID, but honestly, part of me still thinks of Thamesreach as being about 5 people, wondering how on earth we can bootstrap this group into activity.

My head ached only a little bit on Sunday, though I was more sluggish than I liked, and didn't get any of my planned calligraphy done.

I did, however, cut out and piece a new bonnet for Robert (motivated by using up scraps, and this is a lovely piece of linen), and a new napkin with the last of the linen, and pressed and pinned my partlet.

Robert took home two roast chicken carcasses from the revel, and made a wonderful rich Turish soup with lentils, which filled the house with roasty-chickeny-savoury smells all afternoon and evening.

[livejournal.com profile] thorngrove  is coming round this evening to discuss chemises and possible tunic-making in time for the coming University.


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