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...well, really because I forgot to post it to LJ, after posting it to DWL.

One of our newest attendees at this event recorded the procession, and parts of the tourney, for posterity. I'm very grateful to Rob, who was on site early, and regularly asked 'what needs doing?', and then got on with doing it.

Rob's Youtube

The tourney was heralded very well, with a range of different heralds, many of them new voices to my ear. It was a great delight to me to enjoy the procession from a seat with the populace, watching work I love done well.

Thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] aryanhwy Schwarzdrachen, Lady Efreydis, and the many contributing heralds for this ceremony.

First entry in the procession (watch them in numeric order)

The processional entry that was most enjoyed, and caused the most delight

I have not yet watched all the footage, but it looks like a sizeable representation, including the final.

I post this around the same time of hearing the happy news that Sir Siegfried has won Ealdormerian Crown, for Mistress Ragni [livejournal.com profile] forest_lady. I hope she brings the same joy and energey to this role that she has to so many others in Ealdormere.
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Unexpected things still happened, of course.

Sir Macarius dislocated his shoulder early in the tournament, requiring a trip to hospital, driven by Gwenllian. We did not have an event chirurgeon (not required in this kingdom, and this was way past a first aid kit) but we did have J, an A&E nurse, who happened to be on site, and who could advise us.

Macarius and his consort Lady Izabella spent most of the day at hospital; they returned during feast, with his shoulder returned to its rightful place and his arm slung into his tunic. Not the way anyone wants to spend an event!

Sir Leif took a firm thrust to the face in his last bout in the semi-finals. He was stepping in, one foot in the air but with his weight transferred just as the thrust from Sir Vitus was coming up, and it was a shocker as a result, harder than you'd throw on purpose, and his back and neck were quite sore. Fortunately, it was his last bout in the semi finals.

After being assessed and advised, again J the nurse onsite, he opted not to go to hospital, but swears he will get checked out at home.

[livejournal.com profile] goncalves had a short bout of urgent replanning when the gas ranges stopped working. Just as he and the cooks had worked out how to cook everything without the ranges, they found that someone had leaned on the emergency cutoff by the door (positioned at shoulder height). Hurrah! feast as originally planned was back on.
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There were treats for me as steward.

I got the castle gate key to keep overnight, and it honestly was about 6 inches? 8 inches? long - the biggest key I've ever seen. There were standard padlocks on most of the bolts on the doors in the site, but the castle gate still had this whacking great enormous key, and it was fun to use.

The castle has bits of modern retrofitted into the old; storage for a hall full of banquet tables and chairs for instance, is squeezed into the base of one of the towers. So you go through one pointy arched door way, past the spiral stair entrance, unlock the door in front of you, and promptly plunge into complete darkness to reach the inner door, with another bolt...but fortunately you know where the light switch is, and it goes from a mysterious medieval entrance to an utterly banal and modern storage room - though it's round, and in the base of a turret.

A young man introduced himself to me with his SCA membership card - kingdom of Lochac. Milord Huw was on his gap year travels from Politicopolis, staying in Cardiff, and his folks had phoned him to tell him to get his butt to Caerphilly, there was an event on he should go to. So he rolled up with nothing but eyes like dinnerplates and a huge smile of pleasure.

He was prepared to be a punter, I think, but two expat antepodeans, Duncan Kerr and Countess Portia, promptly took him under their wing, found him a gown and feastgear and we added him to feast, and he spent the day basking in a castle, as well as being useful. His delight was palpable, and it made me and everyone around me smile.

We held court in the barbican apartment, which is a large room up a long flight of spiral stairs. Fortunately there was already some benches in the room (strategic, I think, to put seats at the top of a lot of stairs), and though I only carried up 2 benches myself the rest materialised in time for court. This allowed us to dress tables for feast, while running court at the same time.

In the late afternoon sun, their Royal Highnesses, newly invested in court, were facing into the light and squinting, trying not to shade their eyes to look at people. Robert got up and stood in the window, making himself as wide as he could, and provided shade for the 15 minutes or so it took for the sun to move out of their faces. Her Highness Cecilia's coronet sparkled and caught the light like a disco ball.

Court business was brief and to the point - investiture, and some local awards, including an AoA for H, Sir Vitus' son (my callig, artwork by Katherine of Great Chesterford - need to get a scan) and a Fox for HG Alessandre Melusine (my callig, blank by badgersandjam).

The hedgepig scroll was presented, and read in, which was well received, and seems to be gaining a life of its own.

Lady Auriana was given a Lindquistringes, as well as Lady Gwenllian my co-steward - Lady Sarah Asshton's Lindquistringe was presented at feast because she was in the kitchen. I didn't see Auri's scroll but Wenny's was dripping with gold, made by Meisterin Katheryn H.

When you're in court (royal or populace) it's very satisfying to hear approval of awards given, and there was a very rewarding positive murmur when Lady Catherine Weaver was made a member of the Panache - not present, but announced and read in.

TRM gave out Dragon's tears to those who supported the 20 year event. I now hold three Tears (1 for the first Caerphilly event I stewarded, 1 for Raglan, and one now for 20 year), and hope to commission a jeweller of my acquiaintance to make me some enormous medieval brooch for them. :-)

The comedy of court was provided by Sir Clancy, accompanied by his son Jr and Sir Nasr, dressed in their finest 'southern US' regalia, who, in the broadest Texan accent possible, y'all, presented a basket of ;educational goods' to his Majesty. Apparently Sir Sven had travelled with Clancy through southern states, and had asked a lot of questions about local culture.

The goods included a pair of his own overalls, a copy of the Roadkill Cookbook, a Confederate flag, and a white belt painted with Confederate flags - a treasure surely only available in the finest outfitters.

The flags of course prompted hissing from northern US expats, and I don't expect Sven will wear the belt - though he modelled it for the chivalry meeting.

Sunday's activities were quieter than I'd expected, and hoped. Only a few folks decided to fight and fence, and while I had offered to marshal archery, I had not brought loaner equipment, so the Sunday archery didn't happen.

This was disappointing mainly because it was yet another glorious day; I think we need more keen promotion to help a second day of activity after Crown.

The cleanup on Sunday was excellent: I was really pleased, and grateful, for all the help people put in to wash up, pack and break down. It went far faster than I expected, and we had fewer forgotten items than I'd thought we would considering how huge the site was.
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Crown tourneys and Coronations are some of my favourite events - I've enjoyed attending them for the drama on the field, and the pleasure of the ceremony. And I've loved being steward of them - enabling all that good stuff to happen.

But I think, honestly, Gwenllian and I and our respective shires of Mynydd Gwyn and Thamesreach did a really good job, and our good work was made glorious, absolutely glorious, by the venue and the beautiful weather.

Thank goodness for an unexpected and delightful mild, sunny weekend in south Wales - it would have been a different experience in 2 degrees C and drizzle, which I what I'd banked on and and told people to dress for! It was sunny enough that people's faces and bare shoulders had caught sun by the afternoon. In October, in Wales? It had to be magic.

The warm weather meant people could explore the castle at their leisure; they could sit comfortably to watch the tourney in the sun; we weren't continually closing doors to keep out drafts.

In the evening, Sir Vitus lit a fire in a firebowl, and folks sat around the fire for hours into the night. It made for a wonderful atmosphere full of happy people who were willing to be pleased; it was all I could hope for.

Several people stopped me through the day to say what a wonderful event it was. I was pleased, of course; I realised most of the commenters had not been to Caerphilly before, while for folks in southern Insulae Draconis the castle, a bit like Raglan, had become just another venue. I was taking for granted all that was so pleasing to the guests. It was a reminder to step back and remind yourself; this is cool. It's a medieval event in a castle.

Time seemed to run away from me - every time I checked, it was half an hour to an hour later than I expected. I felt like I'd barely finished lunch when we had to start laying out tables for feast and setting up for court. By 8.30pm on the other hand, it had turned around and felt like midnight.
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At Coronation in January HE Eleanora gave me a box of Pelican tokens made by Lord Vrank in Frankmark.

I finally finished a hood (actually this was me refurbishing a hood that was given to me - new silk lining, new shoulder and back gores to widen it, new front opening instead of pullover, new cloth buttons and - cheating - I attached a length of fingerloop braid on the edge of the opening for 'buttonhole' openings) and stitched them on.

It proved warmer at Crown than I expected, so most of the day I wore the green gown and undergown without the plum surcoat, and the hood over the veil. For the procession I wore my heraldic cloak.


I hadn't realised just how much the gold silk glows in certain lights.
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I love visiting Nordmark, and enjoy every trip - even when one of us has been sick. I've always been treated with great kindness and courtesy, and every visit reminds me of the high standards for medieval recreation that Nordmark enjoys and considers routine.

I think it's partly the SCA culture, but partly from the Swedish love of crafts and making stuff, where kids are taught knitting, textile arts, woodwork and other skills in school as core curriculum. Aside from chocolate, the nice souvenirs (not the tat) are linen and wool textiles, woven, knitted, felted and embroidered, along with small wooden items like boxes or cheeseboards. I'd have gladly spent a week browsing fabrics around Sweden

I once told [livejournal.com profile] helwig that I got one year of domestic arts in school, at age 13, and she said, 'that's far too late! we spend one year on knitting alone!'
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The next day the weather is perfect for spring: bright, sunny, 5-10 deg, warm in the sun, cold in the shade. Couldn't ask for better for fighting. Fighting area is set up in front of the main building, and we string banners between the flagpoles. The processional is not quite a procession, but a calling-up of couples - fortunately everyone was ready! and Padraig did us proud as herald.
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Does anyone else save up their sicknesses for holidays?

Robert and I do.

No sooner than we're starting to pack for Crown (have flights, arrangements to crash, plans for visiting) than he starts to sneeze and snort...
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We're now registered for spring Crown tourney, just have to figure out how to get there. Oh, and tell the crown.

Site looks amazing - I didn't realise there were any castles to speak of in Sweden. Awesome. Even the website for the event looks well planned. 

We've decided to aim for early arrival (w/ slightly cheaper fares), and are hoping to throw ourselves on the mercy of friends for crashing on Thursday evening. We want to enjoy the event, and not be rushed, and Nordmark is a lovely place to not be rushed in.

I've seen many of the sights in Stockholm, but Robert has not. I didn't reach the open-air museum, which also looks charming, though probably weather-dependent. 

Folks in Nordmark - if there are any must-see exhibits in Stockholm area in April, please let me know.

To practice being somewhere it snows - I get to go home early today.

Snow has started to fall even in superheated London, and will keep it up this weekend. In a country where drivers think 'snow tires' are the ones with chains on, and noone owns real winter boots, it's safer not to be on the roads.
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Which I found here

Lady Arianwen goes for quantity...

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I'm so pleased with this last event, and the shire, that I could burst. :-) Thamesreach runs a mean event! )How would T'reachers feel about a post-event review drinks next week, before the next shire meeting?
This doesn't stop us from congratulating ourselves at the meeting, but just gives us a chance to do it twice. :-)

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My sweetie Robert and I had our best crown yet. 
I have no idea how many bouts he won or lost, to be honest - I wasn't keeping track. But he enjoyed himself enormously, which truly matters most to me. A happy sweetie is a joy forever!

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I'm still knackered from Crown - had two days off sick with a post-Crown lurgy. My sweetie was down w/ it before the event, kept it at bay more or less, and we both crashed afterward - completely missing the shire meeting on Monday evening, we were so oblivious to day and date. Bleargh.

I didn't take a single photo, so I'm shamelessly nicking someone else's - Arianwen had a ringside seat on the opposite side of the list from our pavilion. (Our pavilion will figure prominently in everyone's pictures. :-)) She must have a really fast shutter speed, because she's got very close shots of individual bouts.

Anyway: here's just a taster. Arianwen's pics are in reverse chronological order, so they start w/ blow by blow of the finals (which went to 5 bouts, for assorted reasons - more about the tourney, and event, later).

Sven and Jovi, eventual winners, at the head of the procession. Sven is already a duke, having reigned twice w/ his former lady Thora.

Judith and Gerhardt, the other finalists. They stayed w/ us before and after the event,and travelled with us. After some nagging injuries, it was a real pleasure to see Gerhardt enjoy the tourney, and fight so well.

My secretive sweetie - the hat is new, and the sun, remarkably for England's autumn, was bright and warming. :-)

Receiving a rose from HRM - Their majesties' red silk gowns are spangled, and the spangles made them sparkle and really glow in the sun. They looked splendid.

Processing - we're about midway in the list, but probably had the longest boasts. That's what you get for letting heralds into the list. 
But truthfully, noone seemed to mind.

Robert and Vitus fighting their first bout w/ spears - they both enjoyed it greatly. Vitus said it really pepped him up and got him in a good mood for the rest of the bouts.

Sven and Gerhardt as top fighters each lost 2 bouts. Vitus lost 3, so he was the next best behind them.

More to come...


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