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The ceremony to welcome Lord Aodh O Siadhall [livejournal.com profile] gothwalk into the greater house Sylveaston went very well, with advice from [livejournal.com profile] nusbacher on some important details. This rounded out the ceremony in a way that I really appreciated and I would not have known of, without her help.

I was amused that when I brought the belt of obnoxious brightness over for sizing, it was a knight, Sir Jonathan, who instantly saw significance in the colours. I know that Dame Oriane still wears her green belt with yellow borders as her connection to Sir Richard Gilchrist and thus her connection to the house. Aodh will find many Sylveaston descendants to meet yet.

The tone was dignified and pleased, which is what I wanted.

Aodh's role in the house is as 'dalta', which apparently in old Irish is 'student of the bard' - someone who might, or might not, be a bard in his own right, but even if not, gets a fine education and benefits from the support of the bard. I liked this title; it seemed very apt for him, and avoided the 'protege' which is a bit loaded in Society terms.

Photos are courtesy of Lady Agnes, Aodh's lady, who got Lord Aidan to record the occasion.

We're sitting within the castle, in the fountain court, shortly after principality 'thing' (Parliament) to talk about principality business.

Me introducing the ceremony, and managing to recite the lineage from Sir Merowald (as it applies to us) correctly. (Lyonette told us later of 'Merowaldry', Sir Merowald's offer to paint up arms people wanted, no registration required. Now Robert has a name for his guerilla heraldry...)

The intenture (read by Robert), belt (continuity with the greater house) and livery (as promised n the writ) all went as I had hoped.

Having cut the signed indenture in 2, I show the 2 pieces indented to witnesses.

I wanted to incorporate some statements that originally came from Sir Menken [livejournal.com profile] chequey and Dame Eleanor [livejournal.com profile] kes_zone, about dependents being neither slaves nor servants, but nobles in their own right.

This is important to me, as Lord Aodh has his own household, with his lady Agnes, that they care about a lot, and I wanted to make clear I wasn't taking it over.

A completely unplanned and unforseen effect was me commenting, as I held Aodh's hands as a vassal, that he was paterfamilias of his house, with his own duties and obligations; that in that role, he remained responsible for his house,

...but that I was available to advise him on dependants, suitable placements for children or orphans, or places in convents for those who were unsuited to marriage.

This raised a small laugh, but apparently struck shock and terror in the Catholic hearts of the ladies of House Green - particularly single ladies, or whose other halves don't play - who all assumed I was referring to them directly.

I found this out later, as Lady Agnes passed it on, and it now has common currency that at least one lady of House Green is destined to a nunnery...

I had warned Aodh of the Belt of obnoxious brightness...I'm hoping he'll wear it fighting.

Aodh's livery: 3 ells of good cloth and 3 more of linen, to outfit himself suitably.

Aodh complains of being a mammal and having warm blood and thus not liking wool clothing, so I dug up the lightest wool blend I could find - it may even be linsey-woolsey, I'm not certain. It's for him and his tailor to sort.

I'm kicking myself because I can't find a picture of the uncut indenture. I nicked the text wholesale from a previous contract Robert wrote for Sir Vitus for one of his dependents, with only small changes.

I like the line about protecting from unjust harm - if the harm is justified, apparently you're on your own. :-)

This indenture being made between Genevieve la flechiere, Viscountess and peer of Drachenwald by letters patent on the one part and Lord Aodh O Siadhail on the other part, testifies that the said Lord Aodh stall stand in service to the said viscountess for peace and for war for the term of one year and one day following the date of this document
The lord Aodh having the estate of dalta, and being retained with the said viscountess of the ancient house of Sylveaston for the said term by indenture without fraud or evil device, shall be accorded all the customary rights and privileges, vis of livery, maintenance, counsel, instruction, advancement and defense against unjust harm.
The lord Aodh shall in turn accord the said visountess with service in matters of charity and hospitality at such occasions and tourneys as they shall be mutually conveniently present therat.
The lord Aodh shall also afford the viscountess Genevieve support in matters touching court, law and custom, and the management of her estate as are within his normal competence.
He is bound not to be a maintainor, instigator, barrator, procuror or embraceor of quarrels and inquests in the country in any manner, and shall not know or understand of any manner thing to be attempted, done or spoken against Viscountess Genevieve's person or honour but he shall let and withstand the same to the uttermost of his power.
Should the lord Aodh be in any error or found in any detestable crime, as soon as Viscountess Genevieve knows it she must admonish the lord Aodh charitably that he may gain from it.
Done before noble witnesses this nones of August AS 50, at ffair Raglan.

After this ceremony I started the discussion about 'peers, what have they done for us anyway?' which ran for about an hour, or til we ran out of daylight.

We had a keen discussion overall, with nusbacher enjoying her role as devil's advocate. We heard some stories from peers that I'd not heard of before - like how Sir Elffin came to be knighted in the West, and how Sir Clancy turned down knighthood in his first homeland.

The only drawback I've observed from these talks is that peers like to talk, when in fact I want to get more newcomers to talk. :-) But I hope that if we keep holding the time and place to chat, it'll become the place to ask questions and come to be known as a feature at Raglan.
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[livejournal.com profile] liadethornegge  has posted her pictures, which are a boon for those who can't remember a camera. They even include me! (a rarity)

Me on the fencing list - Brighthelm tourney

In the shade

Nice pic of Vitus' household (Sir George his former squire brother, and squires Katherine and Edricus)

Me and my enormous...scrip of Luttrell Psalter (and a fashionable Panache)

Sir Vitus in splendid new helm and surcoat

Jewelry class by the list field - note head-covered modest ladies

One of my favourite peers, first queen I knew in Drachenwald - Duchess Alienor always looks lovely, perfectly turned out

Evening view of part of the encampment, before court - court was held with our pavilion as backdrop, the edge lined with banners, and the embankment facing was the seating

My sweetie, doing the rounds to cry the camp

Me being official-like

Kat being dignified for court

Bridget's beautiful scroll for Gunnild's panache, presented

My second grant

Sir Grimr escorting his lady Baroness Hebenstreiz to her vigil invocation

Our court setting

The Lancheknicht guard to Baroness Hebenstreitz' vigil - an excellent tribute to her passion for German renaissance clothing

Kateryn Hebenstreitz's new gown

An excellent 'diptych donor' view

Extraordinary laurel jewel for Katheryn

Scroll blanks

14th c meets 16th via poleaxe bout - note shiny new sabotons!

Vitus dubbing Armand d'Alcace, previously known as Arngrimmr

Sola de Rylla made Dragon's steel

Thomas providing Sola's braid

Master Mans escorted to her Majesty for his vigil

These are actually from Edricus, and possibly another photographer - the intimate setting was because of Sir Vitus' injury in the knakkebrod wars. Those knakkebrod's have wicked sharp corners...
Photos of Mans knighting at the king's encampment, from the Armour Archive
ETA: I've edited to make the links work. Don't know why the previous cut and paste didn't produce them.
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Duchess Nerissa asked me to read through a French account of the coronation of Charles V of Spain (Charles Hapsburg) in 1517. It's an excerpt available online from the British Library, in their Renaissance Books section, and you can enlarge the text to read it for yourself page by page.

She (on behalf of a Lochac friend) was looking for any hints on making a coronation ceremony more authentic for 16th c Spain. I offered some suggestions; unfortunately, what would make it most authentic is holding coronation as a church ceremony complete with Mass, and that's a non-starter!

The reading was fascinating - a bit like reading Chaucer, where the words make more sense out loud because the spelling is unpredictable.

So I thought I'd post the text, along with my very rough translation, in case anyone else is interested. If there are other French readers, I'd welcome their feedback!

I may go back, and translate the first couple of pages as well, because it has long descriptions of what everyone is wearing (in order of precedence).

There is the caveat however, that sometimes these books were written before the event(!), to ensure broad circulation of the news, so it may or may not be an accurate representation.

(There's the whole set of observations about books printed in secretary hand, and the use of short forms...but that's a different post!)

Suggestions, summary, and transcription )


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