Jan. 8th, 2015

abendgules: (Haggis)
...is to lose weight.

It's official. We are keepers of a Fat Cat(tm), with her carrying about a kilo too much.

When your total weight is 4.6kg, that's a lot.

Haggis had her first visit to the local vet in NW London, and demonstrated some of teh worst kitteh manners I've ever seen from her: kitteh swearing, vet-dodging under the table, growling and general poor behaviour, at least til the vet got the feline Vulcan Nerve Pinch on her.

This is in contrast to her past subdued behaviour with our Hackney vet Brian.

Apparently there are no native English vets in London. Our practices appear staffed entirely with antipodeans, including our last vet, and this new one, though the nurses are English. Is Australia and NZ and ZA just breeding too many of them? Weird.

So we've been given a prescribed amount of food to feed her. Measuring it on the kitchen scales, we have certainly been giving her more than this, so this is definitely a reduction.

I think it's also the change of home: we previously lived in a house built around its stairs, and she went up and down them several times a day. Now stairs are entirely optional, though the preferred Evening Place is at the top, and her catflap is right next to her food.

She's due for a weigh-in in a month. Sigh. It's free, says the nurse, which is a blessing because it's £18 return in the cab.


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