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Going on a scroll's journey...

Scroll is in Latin, and uses a 12th c Romanesque letter with just a little bit of gold.

Sorry they're not as sharp as I'd like. Looked perfectly sharp when I took them!

Taping and lining up with low-tack masking tape
layout on slope

text layout: the white blob is tape under the perg, holding it down where the initial will be, while I do the calligraphy.
blocking text

Calligraphy, with a quill and oak gall ink. I see 'hotspots' where the ink appears darker and has perhaps pooled, but you can scrape these to tidy them.

Actually I'm pleased with this bit: I'm getting better at calligraphing the capital letters, rather than sketching them and painting them in for this style, and I was happy with the lettering layout (practiced once to test out).

Also: for this scroll I wrote between the lines, rather than on the baseline, successfully, for the first time. I've aspired to do this for years, tried it before and failed, and on this day... it worked, it just worked. I loved it.

This text uses several medieval short forms common in Latin, which were fun to deploy.


First lines
leading lines

Body text
bulk of text

Taking the traced initial and using transfer paper to transfer it to the scroll.

tracking initial

Very faint outline of the Romanesque P for Prothal's name.
initial traced onto page
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