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...cannot resist a puppet version of Rush's 'Tom Sawyer'.

No idea who wimp.com are, but this was the source of my goats-entertaining-themselves-on-a-wobbleboard video, which can't be bad.
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...to Scandinavia and the world, a webcomic I've read about but not actually read in person til today.

Here's today's favourite for language buffs.

It's excellent preparation for going to Double Wars.

Hey [livejournal.com profile] gothwalk: I think we've just found a great solution for the 'how do we convey nuances of meaning on social media' question... just refer them to SatW.
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I've never read a Stephen King novel, but I really liked his memoir, On Writing. Here's an interview about teaching writing.

Something very silly: theologygrams, where theology and diagrams intersect, so to speak.

I see a sneaking resemblance to SCA shire meetings in these illustrations of church meetings...

I'm a recent convert to Twitter, and to following Rev Richard Coles on Twitter. He's the best advertisement for CofE I know of (alongside Caroline Symcox).
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...Kaffe Fassett, to be exact.

And just subjected my plastic to three new-to-me books, having slipped in a puddle of internet shopping. Whoops.

Kaffe Fassett has mad mad mad mad designs, that cost the earth if you bought the recommended yarns. They're labours of love. He was huge in the 1980s, when everyone was wearing shoulderpads with everything, and sweaters down to your knees were cool, not a blocking mistake.

I'm hoping to shamelessly use the patterns to make sweaters that I can afford, with yarns I already have (well, at least one).

I blame Ravelry; not only thousands of patterns, but real live evidence that real people make stuff, and love doing it.
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Found this through Guardian comment: a woman's children write an honest obituary

Apparently now deleted but thanks to the Intawebs, preserved forever...

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I need a 'weekend not related to the SCA' icon.

These are both from my health related feeds:

Sex needs a new metaphor (a TED talk, just 8 mins)

Coke's new anti-obesity advice (watch the less-than-2-mins video by Yoni)

...though come to think of it, 'Grandpa' probably thought about sex like the traditional baseball game, if he admitted to thinking about it at all.

Baseball is a very American metaphor for sex - hockey might be a Canadian one ('GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!')

I have no idea what the English metaphor is. Probably football (that's soccer to the rest of the world).

Still want to post about Raglan, but still knackered.
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where every Twitter troll has decided it's time to threaten women who are in public life.

Twitter is just the latest in a series of technical tools (following free email accounts, and comments on blogs and newspaper sites) that allow otherwise normal people to behave badly in public, making statements they'd never dream of saying to anyone in person.

I'm not a great fan of the Statesman, but this was one of the cooler headed observations.

At the same time, Adam Hills summary of 'Don't be a dick' pretty much covers it.
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but this cheered me up.

WTF evolution?

Strapline: Honoring natural selection's most baffling creations. Go home, evolution, you are drunk.
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From browsing Ed Yong's blog, I picked up this one, Unofficial Prognosis, with a recent article about testing for gender bias in science. In her reactions list, I'm a number 1.
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Was just reading a rant on Stonekettle Station, and was reminded of this classic summing-up of FB. 

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...I just changed my mind.


Max is a 24 year old law student from Vienna with a flair for the interview and plenty of smarts about both technology and legal issues.  In Europe there is a requirement that entities with data about individuals make it available to them if they request it.  That’s how Max ended up with a personalized CD from Facebook that he printed out on a stack of paper more than a thousand pages thick (see image below). Analysing it, he came to the conclusion that Facebook is engineered to break many of the requirements of European data protection.  He argues that the record Facebook provided him finds them to be in flagrante delicto.  

The logical next step was a series of 22 lucid and well-reasoned complaints that he submitted to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (Facebook states that European users have a relationship with the Irish Facebook subsidiary).  This was followed by another perfectly executed move:  setting up a web site called Europe versus Facebook that does everything right in terms using web technology to mount a campaign against a commercial enterprise that depends on its public relations to succeed.


No, I don't have any dark secrets to hide - my biggest vice is a medieval society where I wear funny clothes on the weekend. 
I just resent the way this company has treated its customers, and has not been honest about their data collection and data farming.

'You can check out anytime you like/but you can never leave'.... (cue Eagles' guitar solo)

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 Robert has pointed out that one of his favourite silly sites has resurrected itself: SatireWire.com

Here's one of its classics, originally dating from 2002 (before the war on Iraq):

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BT insists it has changed nothing, but we lost connectivity for part of Sun evening and all Mon, part of Tues.
I felt like I'd lost an arm - or at least my main source of information, entertainment, gossip and time-wasting. Astonishing.

There we were, both of us on Monday, sitting on the couch, watching the wireless hub for any sign of revival. A bit sad!

Anyway - more news to follow.
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 The cute, it almost burns, but you can't look away, it's just too compelling:
Lion mother and cubs in a Norwegian(?) zoo, live feed.

I could watch for hours.


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