Jun. 8th, 2015

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Last week I bought 2 blouses that, I discovered at home, gape at the bust (I know, you're surprised...). They fit well aside from that.

So on the weekend I diligently stitched a snap between buttons on both blouses, carefully lining it up w/ the grain of the fabric and the existing buttons.

I was really smug: small fixes tend to get neglected for ages before actually happening, so here I was ahead of the curve for once.

Today I put on blouse 2 and discover I've meticulously stitched the snap in the wrong place.

I now have a blouse with a very modest neckline, that still gapes.

And if I did it wrong on one, I've done it wrong on both.

Blouse 1 (my means of discovering the gape) was laundered and pressed...and now proves to be about 3/4 " shorter than blouse 2 (not yet washed), because I didn't read the washing instructions.

There are other signs of my complete gormlessness today, but they're not fit for company. Sigh.
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I've held off running while The Stupid Cough(tm) was lingering.

Today I walked, and ran veeeeeeerrrrry sloooooowly, round the park at lunchtime.

Somehow, somehow, I have to remember how much better I feel after even a very few minutes of running.

I feel cheerier within a very short time (which leads to rather unrealistic goals of running for miles and miles, that somehow haven't yet come about) but it's a noticeable effect.

It doesn't matter to me if it's adrenalin or dopamine or any of the simplistic body-chemistry reasons people throw around (not convinced these explanations hold up under scrutiny).

I just feel better; I care less about worrying things; the afternoon that follows feels manageable.

I spent much of Sunday wearing clothes for running (thinking it would motivate me) without succeeding in actually getting out the door.

On Sunday, my clothes lost out against inertia and sloth. To get through I need to get out the door even for just a few minutes.

One book on running I have suggested (paraphrased):

If you're feeling tired and unmotivated, tell yourself you'll just go out for 10 minutes.

If, in 10 minutes, you still feel tired and unmotivated, then turn round and go home.

...for me, it's the getting out the door to the first 10 minutes that is really, really hard.


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