Jun. 7th, 2015

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This week has been pretty rubbish, with a lot of worry about Mum burbling in the background of my self, prime example being the Friday night phonecalls and emails as Mum went to ER for the 3rd time in 2 weeks.

I'm not thrilled about finding out that I had a new manager the day she started work; my existing mgr had said nothing about it during our last round of objective setting and annual appraisal bumf.

I'm still waiting for my stupid cough to pack it in. I blame Nordmark and its determinedly egalitarian and democratic approach to life; everyone can share the misery.

Trying to exert control over what tiny areas I can, I cleaned out my clothing drawers and put 2 bags in the clothing and fabric charity box.

This tidying was to make room for some recent semi-impulse purchases - where you go in for 1 thing (running shoes on sale) and find yourself buying 2 shirts off the 'reduced' rack and 3 sets of socks at 3 for 2.

I now have more shortsleeve running shirts than there are days in the week, and either shorts or leggings to go with them.

I cannot justify any more running or fitness clothes til something hops out of the drawer and goes to the gym without me.

Yesterday I spent a chunk of money on yarn - lots of it - for a longterm knitting project. I'll have to hit [livejournal.com profile] zmiya_san up for use of her yarn swift, or else I'll get RSI skeining all this yarn.

Today I spent on household linens; it's been long enough since my last purchase that the linens shop has changed name and I couldn't find it online at first.

I don't tend to use retail therapy, not really. I think about buying something for a long time before actually finding the time or inclination to shell out.

When I do buy, I tend to buy lots, and then I'm done, finished.

I've been planning these purchases for ages. However, this weekend I think online shopping gave me something to do that was in my control.

Sometimes I do buy myself treats after a long day, or if I'm out of my usual routine.

Last week I was on training for work that brought me into the City. There are no longer any bookstores on Fleet Street; the Waterstones packed it in, and the legal publisher is gone too. So I had to trek to Waterloo station (a roundabout way home) to find the Foyles that is now there, and treat myself to some paperbacks, as well as Rev Richard Coles autobiography.

Control efforts have not reached my fabric stash, however, or my fencing bag.
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I think there's been a Hindu festival recently as there are more folks with tikkas on the high street than I usually see of a weekend, and more ladies in really pretty salwar kamises: bright, sparkly, sequined. Maybe they're just celebrating the start of summer, don't know.

Asian ladies really have the best selection of beautiful fabrics and colours. The one time I went to India it was striking how boldly and beautifully coloured the womens' clothing was even just in the office. Even smartly dressed English people wear a lot of black in comparison.

It's odd that with all the beautiful design and designer options available to Asian ladies, there's still no garment to wear over a sari or salwar kamis to keep warm, that goes with the outfit.

Three quarters of the year, ladies in saris and salwar kamis wear these beautiful gowns and shirts and leggings, and then put a polyster cardigan on top... then a winter jacket.

To my mind there should be a sweeping 3/4 length shawl-coat, or kaftan, or beautiful flowing something-or-other for warmth, that continues the lines of traditional Asian clothing.

So far, I've not seen it in our neighbourhood.


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