May. 6th, 2015

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I'm finding it hard to pay attention this week, with my trip to Double Wars just a couple of sleeps away.

Our early May bank holiday was a social one: visiting with one of Robert's highschool mates (visiting from NZ w/ his sweetie). They've settled in Wellington after years in London, and a few years in Skye, while one then the other went to Gaelic college. They seem their usual lovely selves, and it was a treat to see them both.

Then we were hosting J [ profile] pall_vert on her return trip, acting as a pied a terre in London. She's been traipsing round Europe and the Middle East for an extended stretch and was just passing through.

I'd warned her I'd be madly sewing and crafting the weekend before DW and sure enough, I bounced between projects for 2 days while she unpacked, laundered, downloaded, repacked, and headed once more back to Ealdormere, for at least a stretch of time to sort the remains of her worldly goods and chattels.

It's a big change from the lady whose house was stuffed with Stuff, absolutely to the rafters, for so long.

Weekend outcome:
- finished sleeve details for 14th c gown
- finished gambeson prototype for C&T
- assembled new fencing hood, which now needs edge finishing, lots of it
- finished gifties

Fell into bed on Monday evening (end of long weekend here) knackered from doing nothing but fine artwork and sewing, plus one ramble in the park with J to show her the restoration on the 16th pathways in the park. Delicate petal me.

I've now done my printing (travel docs, DW schedule) and am trying not to spend the whole day on Twitter.

This break means I get to vote and run, and don't have to listen to the endless election waffle and palaver. The prospect of a second coalition gov't seems to be scaring the parties more than the voters. The emphasis on Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about the outcome - whatever you do, don't vot X because that means Y will get in! - is really discouraging.

I sincerely hope that this election exposes how broken FPTP is, but having just had a joke of a referendum on the topic a few years ago, I don't know if the Electoral Reform Society has enough ooomph to make it a tipping point again.

In other news: way to go Alberta. I'm impressed. Let's see all the oil companies run screaming for the border...


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