Mar. 22nd, 2015

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...hate it when that happens.

Ink and Gold: Islamic Calligraphy is already wending its way, courtesy of the online-book-dealers-that-are-not-Amazon.

It's from a Sam Fogg exhibit: Sam Fogg being an exclusive dealers' gallery, where you buzz in to enter, and can browse the displays and fondle the books if you ask. It's like seeing how the other half (well, 1%) live: the neighbourhood is about as exclusive as it gets for shopping in London.

If you have to ask, you can't afford...

ETA: second time in 2 days. Now have 2 different fencing manuals en route.
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...but seems to have survived the experience anyway.

The response, almost entirely on social media, to current TRM deciding against a couple for Crown, demonstrates a) how strong a tool social media is and b) how it's a truly terrible way to share news.

For those not in Drachenwald:

TRM had refused a couple entry (as is *within* their right to do) but discovered that being straightforward enough to say it was because they were a same-sex couple (and TRM felt that such couples were not historically accurate) meant the whole of online Drachenwald roared in furious response.

Happily TRM have changed their decision, and [ profile] nusbacher has posted an extremely thoughtful thank you note, remarking on helpful and less helpful responses.

There's still a strong simmer of people, still arguing about what is and is not discrimination, equal rights, legal options, etc. It's as if they wish they still had someone to be angry at instead of simply cheering the change.

Robert and I were at the local revel in Thamesreach, doing medieval(TM). [ profile] edith_hedingham heard of the news of the change from [ profile] jpgsawyer, and passed it on, and there was a palpable sigh of relief in the hall.

I've written to TRM to thank them for their change and assure them they will be very welcome in Insulae Draconis in a few weeks.

I pointed out how bitter the business of same-sex marriage rights has been in the UK (something they'd know nothing of) and how that might have driven some of the anger from our quarter.

It's much easier to argue in a small group about a small injustice, when you feel helpless to change law in a much larger society stuck with an 18th c voting system.

I really really hope the upshot is: everyone cheers when TRM arrive in Insulae Draconis, and we can all take a deep breath and move on.

At the revel, it was splendid: great food, small well received court, dancing, good instruction. All the fine things that make our revels fine things.


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