Mar. 4th, 2015

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I'm now back at work after almost 2 weeks away. I started coughing on a Friday, and spent most of the 2 weeks following either in bed or on the sofa, coughing. One evening I managed to pull my stomach muscles, making coughing pretty miserable.

My days were livened only by Time Team for 2 hours every weekday afternoon.

The GP surgery decided to start its new booking system the week I needed an appointment, so it took 3 attempts to get in; once to see a nurse (who couldn't prescribe, even though I asked about it on the phone); once to phone to get to *talk* to a GP; once to actually see someone.

I got my first 'fit note' (the new and improved 'sick note'), which actually signed me off til yesterday. First inhaler too.

Ever since I had bronchitis at 12, my cough has sounded absolutely horrible: I sound like an asthmatic baboon aspirating a snail. So at least I am demonstrably recovering from illness, and have the moral high ground, and on the receiving end of sympathetic noises.

Robert was sick through the whole of Christmas, missing the holiday entirely, recovering only well into the new year.

I've been sick through half of February.

On top of that, I'm still commuting half the week to south London; so both of us are spending 2+ hours on the Tube and buses, and getting home grumpy and tired.

So this is proving to be a pretty discouraging and depressing season.

Roll on spring, anytime.


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